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Ah... l'amour. Lovestruck room.
Francis, for once wasn't in his restaurant, but out in a large opening sitting at a piano. He was playing one if his very favorites, perhaps one if his best known classics.

He played the keys deftly while he sang

Something happened however, when anyone entered the room they were overcome with France's spirit as well as the very essence of this song. Anyone who came within hearing range of this song was suddenly smitten with love an a need to express it in glorious, over the top terms.

[ooc: Yes, characters fall in love with anyone in this room, whoever they see first, whoever they are thinking of when the hear this song, anyone. Please threadhop and have fun]

*He's certainly drawn in by the piano playing and singing. He likes the song a lot! It reminds him of older times, fonder times.*

I love this song...

[In traditional ninja fashion, he was sneaking up behind him and wrapping his arms around his waist.]

*He jumps slightly; he wasn't expecting you get ninjaed! He turns his head and smiles when he sees who is behind him. He relaxes into his arms.*

[Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition it, which is why he always does it. Well. It's why he always does it to him, at least, as he enjoys surprising him like that.

Holding him close, he affectionately kissed him on the temple.]
It's beautiful, isn't it?

*Al loves surprises, especially if he gets them from Matthew.*

It sure is...I always liked this song. *He returned a kiss during a pause in France's singing.*

[It's a good thing he loves giving him surprises.]

It never gets old. [It was such a lovely expression as well.]

*Matthew is full of good things.*

Yeah... *He sways his hips a little in time to the music.*

[Playfully spinning him around to face him, he pulled him out a bit more in order to have mroe room to dance.]

*He laughs, pleasantly surprised by the spin. He followed him, falling into the female dancing role easily enough.*

[Taking lead, he hummed the tune softly as he led him around the dance floor, every now and then leaning in for a kiss.]

*He grinned and enjoyed the kisses, trying to steal a few of his own. Just because he wasn't leading doesn't mean he can't be sneaky.*

[Gasping in surprise, he couldn't help but smile at that. So sneaky, Alfred F. Jones. That means he can nip at your bottom lip now.]

*Well, he was a rather good spy. Who was currently being nibbled by Matthew. He might have gotten a bit rusty. No matter! He'll find an opening for sure! Once he's done being ravished of course.*

[He certainly could be. Though it takes a bit to out-do Canada in the area of being sneaky and all. ...or unseen. Being a bit more bold, he tugged lightly on his bottom lip before kissing him firmly.]

*This is true. Canada has gone unseen for years. He's an expert at being sneaky. He gasped softly and sealed his mouth with Matthew's, nearly forgetting to move his feet.*

[He seems to have mastered it to the point where he doesn't even have to try. Though he's a bit uncertain how he ever managed to master it in the first place. It must simply be natural talent.

Letting his lips linger, he drew out the kiss longer. As he did, he brought a hand up and slid his fingers through his hair before resting his hand on the back of his head.]

*It is quite obviously natural talent. Nobody ever suspects that a polar bear will sneak up on them on the ice, But they will, and they can.

Oh forget the dancing. He can just kiss Matthew breathless. He leaned his head into Matthew's hand, dropping a hand to wrap around Matthew's waist.*

[Exactly. Everything up north is sneaky.

...that works, too. His other arm wrapped around his chest so he could clutch the back of his shirt better while he leaned into the kiss, refusing to part any time soon.]

*He had no intention of parting from Matthew's lips anytime soon, especially with his hands sneaking up to grasp at Matthew's shoulders.*

[Holding on tightly, he kissed him firmly for a few moments before pulling back just far enough to playfully nip his bottom lip before kissing him once more.]

*He gasped softly before the sound was swallowed up by the new kiss. Really, Matthew was an expert at getting Alfred' heart rate up. He could feel it thumping in his ears now. He kissed back of course; he wasn't going to let his boyfriend have all the fun.*

[It was safe to say that his cheeks were a very nice red colour at that time, as well as his ears and probably the rest of his face. Was it suddenly getting hot in the room? Because he was pretty sure that it was. Letting the kiss linger for as long as possible, he still let their lips linger, even as he stopped kissing him for a few moments in order to properly catch is breath.]

*They both must have flushed faces. Al's cheeks are aflame, and if he wasn't content with his hands resting on his brother's person, he's pull open his collar because he feels hot.*'re one hell of a kisser, Matt...

[His hands, as opposed to resting, were slowly working their way down his back. He took his time, letting his fingers just glide slowly and wander. Though, at those words, he somehow managed to blush even more.]

I- I could say the same thing about you, Al.

Yeah? You like it when I kiss you?

*He grins, enjoying the stroking of his ego. And his back.*

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