[1915 WWI] Frenchman Across No Man's Land
[It was hot, it was wet, and it was, above all else, loud. After edging the German front for almost a month now, one would think their ears would have gone deaf from the almost constant barrage of artillery fire.]

[Yet, it was all worth it the day everything went still.]

[It was suspicious at first, believing perhaps they had all just gone mad, but Francis was among the men to help confirm that, yes, the Germans had ceased fire - at least for a time. With a quick meeting amongst commanding officers, if it could be called a proper meeting at all all muddied and exhausted in a trench, it was decided to advance across and take the Germans by force.]

[Bayonets ready, magazines reloaded, Francis was leader of a group that ran as quick as their feet could carry them, fear nipping close at their heels, across no man's land. It was strange that there wasn't an ounce of resistance went up, Francis first to jump into enemy trenches with a not so silent fall, gun at the ready...]

well, since there's been no activity...
But I stay here right beside you
[ Should someone happen to step just outside, there is a very confused young lady. A young lady with strawberry blonde hair chopped short, wearing a dress that seems to be from the 19th centrury that also seems to have seen some better days.

She had been in Virginia. This...wherever it is, she's certain it's not Virginia. But that's all she's certain of. Even HQ looks oddly foreign to her.

After apparently debating between approaching and searching the grounds, she begins walking towards the building. Perhaps someone inside can help. ]

[ooc; There's info in her journal, but basically Clementine is a fem!CSA. Her world is one where the Nyotalia characters coexist with the regular Hetalia as siblings.]
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[Mod Post] Re: moving poll
I don't even recognize some of these usernames. HOW DO I KNOW NONE OF YOU VOTED MORE THAN ONCE ON PURPOSE I'm messing with you all.  (Though I did notice some of you voted more than once and I don't know what to do about that.)

Okey, so, according to the poll of approximately last month most of you would prefer to go to Dreamwidth. When Sea returns from her irl troubles, we'll get to work on that--that is provided you would prefer that the community be imported(which means all of the old entries and comments will also be on DW.)

Of course, I could do all of this myself otherwise but, even if I did, I'd prefer Sea at least know that we're moving. Or, rather, making a mirror. We will not be closing the LJ comm when we move to DW. This means those of you who want to stay may do so(and, in fact, since we planned to readvertise on the main hetalia community, I will advertise both the LiveJournal and Dreamwidth communities. Hopefully this will bring activity to them both) and those of you who don't mind either way can play in both places if you so choose.

Now then, in regards to when we do mirror the community, I will need your opinions! Please take this poll as well, and I'll check back on it in about a month like I did the last one.

Poll #1827680 Moving Time? 2

Should the community be imported, or should it start empty?

Move the old entries to DW with the community
Start it fresh

Did you like the Headquarters setting? Should we keep it that way, same mechanics and everything?

Yes, make it exactly the same.
Yes, but. . .(please comment on what you'd like to be different)
No. (please comment on how you'd prefer it)

PLEASE NOTE: the "same mechanics and everything" bit does not mean the inclusion of OCs would be altered. Sea and I will probably discuss that on our own, and I'm not sure how likely the rule is to change. (I, personally, don't mind, so long as the DR doens't turn into entirely OCs as I'm sure there is potential for it to. HOWEVER this is your community, too, and if there's enough preference by you all that OCs are permitted, the rule may be altered, whether for the Dreamwidth DR only or for both of them.)

[Who dragged the cat in?]
[He blinked as he observed his surroundings, wondering just where had he ended up in. This most certainly wasn't his house, or the alleyway he was sneaking around in moments ago, or anything close to that...]

Mhm... I wonder where Alfred is...
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A new arrival!
[Lovina was glancing around the hallway, frowning a little. Where the fuck did she end up? And who is responsible for it?! If she finds the person who took her here she will beat them up. Then make them take her home. And if they don't want to send her back then she will make them wish they did, that's a promise.]


(no subject)
[This is Lovina. And her puppy Guilia. This little Italian girl has set up a huge pillow fortress in the middle of the hallway. And anyone who looks mean and comes too close will feel her wrath. With this very realistic squirt gun which she has filled up with lemon juice. Just dare to come too close... she's ready to fight.]


[And here he thought he'd finally rid himself of this place.

But, Alfred noted as he glanced around with a frown, he seemed to have been led back here. Ah. Well there's no use crying over what's done- and besides, if he found the exit once, surely he could find it again.]

Right... [He rubbed the back of his head, glancing around with a frown.] Now what am I s'posed to do?

(no subject)
We're going to need to run some tests.
[Docters have to keep up with knowledge on new diseases and medical discoveries and medicines and technologoies they could use. These are normally taught about in seminars and he like. Your education is never done, as a doctor. However, in HQ, Ludwig cannot attend such things like he's used to.]

[Luckily, with the extensive knowledge found in the library, he didn't have to worry too much. In the medical section there were plenty of records and books on what he needed, and it constantly got new additions for him to study up and keep busy. Whether or not he would need them here was questionable, but knowledge is always good to have. And he didn't want to have the extra work to do whenever he returned home.]

[Even if he couldn't work(or, rather, didn't have to, as it wasn't often that people were hurt or sick in HQ, nothing that would need a doctor anyway,) he could at least stay updated on these things. It gave him something familiar to do.]

[Which was why he went to the library today. Perhaps you'll see him there?]

[ooc: You can catch him in the library or on the way to/from it, doesn't matter. I. . .wouldn't know just what would be in such books/records, so if you ask you'll get something vague lol I'm sorry.]

[Since I'm co-mod I should make posts, too, even if I can't think of just what to make them of. . .don't want us dying, more than we already have.]
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They see me trollin'

[crushes a can of beer]

[oops, I'm not dead. sorry I disappeared. this is mapcrunch.]
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Stupid cupid.
It was Valentine's day finally! And Molossia was busy enjoying the peace of a small garden and a large pack of chocolates. There was currently nobody around that he could discern, meaning that he was able to just lay back and relax today. Looking around, he spotted a few bunnies and birds. The rabbits were currently hopping towards him and snuggling against him, while two birds had landed on his shoulders. All were signs of Spring's coming return. In truth he just couldn't wait for that time of year to finally arrive. He wanted to start up some farming once more.  This year he was thinking of possibly planting some watermelon, potatoes and possibly a few flowers or perhaps some sunflowers. He didn't know just yet.

Sighing as he stared up at the slightly cloudy sky. It was so much more different than his desert home. Though Molossia could not seem to find it in him to care at this moment.

{OOC: Happy Valentine's day everyone! Feel free to comment here with almost any scene or scenario that you can imagine. Whether it's a party or just you spending time with a friend or loved one. It doesn't even have to do with Molossia at all! Though if you want him to make an appearance then just go ahead and say so. Similarly to anyone else that you wish to thread with as well. Threadjacking is okay here, though just be sure to warn people before you actually jack their thread and see if it's alright.}


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