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Non-HQ roleplay
[Okay, so I was looking for a partner or two from here that'd be interested not exactly in a roleplay, but in IC chatting. Anyone game?]

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We came from the land of cotton
[ Have a bored Confederate. A very bored one that'd welcome some company. Any company, even. It's not as if he's something important to be doing around HQ anyway. ]
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A Wild Arthur Appears!
England, Arthur, Kirkland, Artie, Arthur Kirkland
    Arthur Kirkland, a man of 21 and an aspiring author. He enjoys tea, gardening, cooking [though he shows no talent], and silence. Today he sits at a solitary table, a pure white tablecloth smoothing the surface, candle in a globe-shaped holder centered on the table next to a lonesome rose in a glass vase. He sat, captivating emerald eyes fixated on the flickering light of the flame, the candle creating illuminating shadows against his complexion. Arthur was waiting for him, growing impatient by the second.  

Late, mother's day post is late. ;;
chibi salute
*America hummed happily as he walked down the decorated halls of HQ, carrying his son on his back, and several boxes in his arms. The boxes themselves were his wife's Mother's day gifts. Feel free to bug him today about them.*

Awesome has arrived!
[Of course no place would be complete without their own personification of awesome. But the thing is, he is lo- totally knows where the hell he is and where he is going. He just needs a person to remind him of where he is....and where he is going.]

[He totally does need help though. Help the awesome out~]

Who cares if you know better? Cake!
In this living room thee was something wonderful! It was a fairly large tray on a table. And it had cake on it.

Not just any cake! Angel Food Cake! Devil's food cake, too!

Even though you might have been told or heard better, the devil's food cake is tempting. . .literally. Something about it is just telling you to eat it. But the angel food cake. . .it just seems so good and like a great choice, if not the better choice. But temptation is strong, isn't it.

But I'm sure you'll make the right choice. Unlike Prussia, lying on the couch over there, content to ignore you and eat his devil's food cake with his hands. Apparently he's had a bit much. You might be able to tell from the wings and tail he's sporting.

Oh, but this is HQ! That could've been anything! He could've always been that way! Look! The cakes are already cut into beautiful slices. And there're forks(or spoons, if you prefer) and they're already on little plates. And there's a tiny fridge and freezer under the table with milk and ice cream and other things you might want with your cake! Non-frozen/refrigerated things are organized on the table here and there, along with the cups for the beverages.

Make your choice! Or have some of both!

[Threadhopping encouraged/open post! For those of you who are new to the concept--this is a post where you make a thread doing whatever you're doing in regards to what's happening in the entry(in this case, eating or deciding on cake.) Then people reply to you to interact with your character.
But this isn't just any cake as you probably figured out from the demonized Prussia on the couch! This cake has effects, just like lots of things in HQ!
Devil's Food Cake: Drives you to sin! Chose any number of the seven deadly sins and your character is now more inclined to perform that/those sin(s). The more you eat, the worse you get. Eat enough(or just whenever you want) and you may start showing some signs of. . .you might start growing devil things(if you want to skip the sin part, you can go straight to this.)
Angel Food Cake: Makes you more virtuous! Choose from any number of the seven heavenly virtues and your character is now more inclined to perform that/those virtue(s). The more virtuous towards others you are, the better it makes you feel, the more you'll want to do it, and the higher chance your next good deed will result in a pretty set of wings and a halo. But don't overindulge on the angelcake! That's gluttony and, though you may take on the features of an angel, you'll be a devil at heart. . . .

To reverse the effects, you eat the opposite cake. It's up to you how quickly anything happens.
If you eat both cakes in succession, there will be no effect. Note that none of these effects are permanent(unless you want it to be, I guess) and will probably wear off within 24 hours(or whenever you want it to.)
Also, your character doesn’t have to eat any of the cake. They're free to just interact with everyone else without doing so.

And, of course, this sort of post is something anyone can make and partake in. If you can think of it, there's probably a way to integrate it into HQ, so post away! /o/

x-posted to the DW DR.]

A wild Japan appears!?
[ He hesitantly pokes his head around a door, then slowly begins exploring ]

[ What is this place? Where's everyone else? ]

[ Is a bit nervous, not quite sure what he'll find here. ]

Long time no see
[These past few weeks have been boring.]

[It's been like walking through an abandoned mansion since she hasn't seen anyone in what feels like forever. So Amelia finally decided to get up and do something about it.]

[That something being looking in every single room she came across. It's not an invasion of privacy if she's checking to make sure people are still alive in this place, right? At this rate she's bound to find someone. As of yet there's been no signs of anyone.]

[This was starting to be like a creepy horror movie.]

You don't need to come help him, it's not like he doens't enjoy being alone. . . !!!
Sei kein Schlampe!
[What a lovely Friday evening in Germany. The weather was clear and not too hot, Germany was finishing the last of his work before dinner, and there was a knock on the door that Prussia expected to be Italy that his brother was making him answer.]

[But upon bounding down the stairs and racing the dogs to the front door, something suddenly felt off. Something was certainly off when he opened the door to the front yard and found himself in a long, empty, white hallway, as opposed to looking out to what was Germany's lovely garden and probably an excited Italian ready for hugs and kisses in greeting.]

[Even the dogs were gone!]

What the--?

[Prussia, curious as an adorable kitten, was quick to stride down the hall, his grin replaced by a scowl, intent on getting some answers. . . .but man was it quiet. Hopefully someone would be here to give him answers.]

[MOD POST] And hopefully the last for a while--DW mirror and advertising!
You don't really need to read all the stuff below; to go to the DW DR, please click here!

Very soon, I'll be posting the ad for the comm(both the DW variant and this one, of course!) to the main hetalia comm!

If you know somewhere to advertise the DR(s) please feel free to do so without my further permission! Tell anyone you know who could be interested, too, I guess! When you do so, there's no need to tell me, either.

YOU MAY keep your muse's memories of HQ or reset them or do whatever else you want in regards to their knowledge.
YOU MAY ALSO play both here and there! You can choose to play them in either one or both of them and that's perfectly fine. You don't need to crosspost your entries or anything, if you don't want to.

THERE WAS A TIE in regards to bringing the entries over. Regardless, I can't do it since I don't have access to the mod account. /o\ I'd expected to be able to talk to Sea about it, but she's been too busy. Or her AIM is broken or something. I found out her email, so maybe I'll try through there, instead.

In any case, here's the link again! And here is the advertisement posted to the main comm! See you here or there!

P.S. I'm sorry I couldn't reply to comments in the previous entry. LJ apparently has a glitch that won't send me notifications if I get comments on entries with polls. So I didn't know they were there until, like, now. /o\