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The First Hetalia Dressing Room RPG!
Welcome to the Axis Powers Hetalia Dressing Room. This is an extremely casual RPG setting where characters can interact with everyone, formally or informally. Whether you choose to elaborate on a plot you've had in mind, or just want to fool around, you can do it here. The point is to have fun role playing any and all of your favorite characters.

No applications are necessary, just make a character journal, join the community and jump right in!

We also have an OOC community! Check out aphdrooc~ And if you roleplay on Dreamwidth, check out our community there!

These rules aren't here to hinder the fun, just to keep the place running smoothly!

1. No Drama/No Wank -- This is a number one rule anywhere. This place is to have fun, not complain, and not to cause trouble and make things uncomfortable for everyone else. There are going to be multiples of characters so don't cause drama if someone else is playing the same character as you.
2. Try To Stay In-Character -- This isn't an open forum for discussion. That's what hetalia is for. Remember if you're playing a character, stay in character. It'll keep confusion to a minimum.
3. Hetalia Characters From an AU or Different Time Frame is Fine -- As long as their personalities are similar. Gender-swapped characters are fine, too.
4. No God-modding -- What is god-modding? Look here.
5. Join with Character Journals Only -- In order to keep confusion to a minimum, only character journals may be used to join and post in the community. Need help juggling all your characters and you use Firefox? Check out ljlogin for a great plugin! Use Google Chrome and need help juggling all of your characters? Check out LJJuggler for another great plugin!
6. KEEP IT PG-13 -- That means keeping sexytiems and nsfw material on your own personal journals. After all, we could have a lot of little kids on the community!
7. No Deleting. Anything. -- If you make a post or a comment (save for deleting for errors, or typos) it's stuck forever on the community unless the mods feel the content is necessary for deletion.
8. No Original Characters -- Like how there are on nationslash. This is a Hetalia Only Dressing Room. We have an "!oc" tag for older OCs who are allowed to play before this rule was made.
9. Tag Your Entries -- For organization. If you don't know how, please read this.
10. HAVE FUN -- But if you have any problems, take it to the mods. They will do their best to help out and sort out the situation.

Feel free to contact aphdrmod at aphdrmod at gmail dot com.

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